Born in Brussels, Belgium and second-generation Spanish, Sofia Yero started dancing at the age of 5 with her mother, the great Torre de Montijo, who transmitted her the flamenco culture.

She continued her training in Madrid, Sevilla and Jerez with the greatest flamenco dancers: Angelita Gomez, Carmen Cortes, Javier Latorre, Belen Maya, Rafaela Carrasco and Andres Marin among others.

Her dance evolved next to local flamenco musicians and her participation in the groups Yerba guena, Querencia, Sumari y Macande.

She discovored the musical universe of Dick van der Harst and danced in 3 different productions combining flamenco, folk, jazz, clasic music and Galician singing.

Sofia also participated in the opera Carmen produced by Idée Fixe dancing with masks.

Later Sofia danced Indian rhythms in the project Tala-Compas of Daniel Schell.

Chameleon of Flamenco dance, her universe and her dance disclose many surprises.

Currently she is presenting the spectacle “Urban Nomads” with Serena Wuytack. Childhood friends, flamenco musiciens get together to share Dick Van der Harst music and th italian singing.

Surprising mixture in respect of different cultures. Flamenco non orthodox.